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We've had some great site statistics on our web site, and we thought we would share some of them with you. When theWoman Astronomer first went on the web (thanks to Barry Malpas), we were averaging 15 visitors per day and had two pages. The version of our site that you see today began in 2002, and now has over 50 pages!

Below are site statistics for 2006 and year-to-date for 2007 (as of December 30).

Description 2006 12/30/2007
Total Visitors 89,188 102,518
Visitors Daily Average 244 282
Most Visitors In One Day 373 578
Total Page Views 105,125 115,553
Page Views Daily Average 288 317
Most Page Views In One Day 574 655

Below are the 2007 "Top 10" domain types (where our visitors come from), pages (the most popular pages they viewed), and keywords (the words they use in their search engines).

Top Domain Types Top Pages Top Keywords
.com (Commercial) Home Page (Crescent) Moon & Star
.net (Network) Crescent Moon & Stars Caroline Herschel
unresolved Women Astronomers Female Astronomers
.cn (China) Caroline Herschel Women Astronomers
other Hypatia Astronomers
.edu (Educational) Henrietta Swan Leavitt Henrietta Swan Leavitt
.us (United States) Harvard Computers Woman
.org (Non-profit) Carolyn Shoemaker Hypatia
.au (Australia) Women on the Moon List Carolyn Shoemaker
.de (Germany) Web Site Advertising Is the Moon a star

We would like to say Thank You to all who have stopped by our site, and for helping us to grow.


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