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Women of the Moon Puzzle Questions

The questions in this section are based on the first exercise on the Women of the Moon. If you haven't completed this exercise, click here.

Use your completed puzzle, your Map-A-Planet map of the Moon, this Web site, and the Internet to answer the following questions. Good luck!

  1. Name the craters that would be visible from Earth.
  2. Name the craters that are located on the far side of the Moon.
  3. What are maria? Which craters are located in maria?
  4. Which two craters are located in the center of the Moon as viewed from Earth?
  5. Which craters are named after women born in the 20th century? Who are they?
  6. Which crater is named after the only woman still living? What country is she from?
  7. How many craters are named for women astronomers? Who are they?
  8. Which crater is named after America's first woman astronomer? Why is she famous?
  9. Which three craters are named after women who were trained to go to space? 
  10. What is libration? What is the limb of the Moon? Which three craters may be visible on the limb from Earth, depending on libration?

Updated 20.10.2022
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