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There are 68 craters on the Moon with female names, with 28 named for actual women that have made contributions to humanity.  The remaining 40 craters are female names from various nationalities and were added by the IAU in 1976 and 1979. The most recent additions were made in 1988 to honor the two women, Christa McAuliffe and Judy Resnick, who perished in the Challenger disaster of 1986.

Akis Greek name
Ann Hebrew name
Annegrit German name
Artemis Greek Moon goddess
Bela Slavic name
Blagg, Mary Adela British astronomer (1858-1944)
Bok, Priscilla Fairfield American astronomer (1896-1975)
Bruce, Catherine Wolfe American philanthropist, astronomer (1816-1900)
Cannon, Annie Jump American astronomer (1863-1941)
Carol Latin name
Catharina, St Catherine of Alexandria Greek theologian, philosopher (unknown-c. 370)
Chang-Ngo Chinese name
Christel German name
Clerke, Agnes Mary British astronomer (1842-1907)
Cori, Gerty Theresa Radnitz Czech-American physiologist, Nobel laureate (1896-1957)
Delia Greek name
Diana Latin name
Donna Italian name
Edith English name
Fairouz Arab name
Fleming, Williamina P. American astronomer (1857-1911)
Grace English name
Herschel, Carolyn British astronomer (1750-1848)
Hypatia Egyptian mathematician (unknown-A.D. 415)
Ina Latin name
Isabel Spanish name
Isis Egyptian goddess
Jehan Turkish name
Jenkins, Louise F. American astronomer (1888-1970)
Joliot-Curie, Irene French physicist, Nobel laureate (1897-1956)
Julienne French name
Karima Arabic name
Kathleen Irish name
Kira Russian name
Kovalevskaya, Sofia V. Russian mathematician (1850-1891)
Leavitt, Henrietta S. American astronomer (1868-1921)
Lepaute, Nichole Reine De La Briere French astronomer (1723-1788)
Linda Spanish name
Louise French name
Mary English form of Hebrew name
Maunder, Annie S. D. R. British astronomer (1851-1928)
Maury, Antonia C. American astronomer (1866-1952)
Mavis Scottish name
McAuliffe, Sharon Christa Civilian school teacher member of the Challenger crew (1948-1986)
Meitner, Lise Austrian physicist (1878-1968)
Melissa Greek name
Mitchell, Maria American astronomer (1818-1889)
Monira Arabic name
Natasha Russian name
Noether, Emmy German mathematician (1882-1935)
Patricia English name
Priscilla Latin name
Proctor, Mary American astronomer (1862-1957)
Resnick, Judith Arlene Member of the Challenger crew (1949-1986)
Rosa Spanish name
Ruth Hebrew name
Sappho Greek poetess (unknown-c. 600 B.C.)
Shahinaz Turkish name
Sheepshanks, Anne British benefactor (1789-1876)
Sita Indian name
Sklodowska, Marie (Madame Curie) Polish physicist, chemist, Nobel laureate (1867-1934)
Sommerville, Mary Fairfax Scottish physicist, mathematician (1780-1872)
Soraya Persian name
Stella Latin name
Sung-Mei Chinese name
Susan English name
Tereshkova, Valentina Vladimirovna Soviet cosmonaut (1937-live)
Vera Latin name

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