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Women in Astronomy II: 10 Years After

On June 27-28, 2003, in Pasadena, California, a meeting was held by the American Astronomical Society's (AAS) Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA) to follow up on women's role in professional astronomy 10 years later.

The purpose of the meeting was "to review the current status of women in astronomy, understand their work environment, assess developments since the 1992 Baltimore conference, and recommend future actions that will improve the environment for all astronomers."

There were 36 institutions polled on the "gender distribution of astronomers at major US research institutions." Some of their findings were:

bullet Increase in the number of women postdocs
bullet Increase in the number of women graduate students (30% of grad students in astronomy are women)
bullet Decrease in the number of assistant and associate professors since 1999

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