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Antonia Maury
    We are both high school teachers of chemistry and physics and also amateur astronomers - till now, we have sent a total of more than thirty thousand variable star observations to the AAVSO. Perhaps, it could interest you to know that we've done some research about Antonia Maury (because she was an astronomer, a woman and also a Portuguese descendent) and wrote a letter about her, published in some Portuguese newspapers in December 2005 and January 2006. We attach a copy of that letter, which was published in "Diário do Minho" a daily newspaper from Braga, a town in the north of Portugal.

Best wishes
Ana Paula and José

WomanAstronomer.com, August 2007
    Nice! I particularly enjoyed the section on "Mars needs Women". I have forwarded your newsletter to my undergraduate research assistant who loves Mars (but had become discouraged from pursuing her interest in it), but has just started work on a Space Grant project studying Mars here at ASU (after prompting from me I am proud to say ; )
    I have a suggestion for you to consider. It might be nice to allow for the posting of comments on your musings page so we can get discussions started. Just a thought...

Take care,

    It’s very important to attract women into astronomy. Please add: [another new subscriber to theWoman Astronomer ezine] to your distribution list!  Thanks!

Chris R.

Lorelei Parker introduced me to your publication...
    Lorelei Parker and I were trading messages today regarding an article she's working on for Astronomy Technology Today and she mentioned you and theWoman Astronomer.  I can't tell you how pleased I was to learn of your Web site.  Less than 2% of our present subscriber base is made up of women and that is a situation that I simply do not understand and would like to correct.
    I am sending copies of our first 3 issues. As you will see, we try to promote other publications, both print and Web based, and are interested in doing the same for yours.  Please take a look at the magazine issues to see whether you feel it is an appropriate forum for a notice about your site.

Gary Parkerson
Managing Editor
Astronomy Technology Today

Happy Anniversary!
    That is quite the milestone, congratulations! Thank you for theWoman Astronomer. I have very much enjoyed the hard copy issues I ordered from your Book Store as well, well done! Wishing you another successful 10 years.

Clear Skies!
...astronomical O explore the cosmos..

    I’m a 10th grade AP Biology student at Peninsula High School .  As part of our final project we had to research a topic and contact a scientist about it.  I believe you’ve spoken to my friend Shelby Cook .  I know you specialize in astronomy, but I was hoping you can answer a few questions for me?  My topic is global warming.

  1. What part of the world would you say is most affected by global warming at this time?
  2. How does global warming affect organisms in the Pacific Ocean ( Washington coast specifically)?
  3. I am aware that cutting CO2 emissions could dramatically affect the global economy.  What would be most helpful in reducing the affects of global warming, while still being helpful to the global economy?

    I really didn’t just put this assignment off to the last minute.  I contacted another scientist at the University of Washington about 10 days ago, but he never emailed me back.
    Thank you very much for your time!

Gracie N.

Ps this assignment is due tomorrow at approx. 12:30.  I was hoping you could respond by then!  Thanks again!

Sidney Wolff
    My daughter is doing a report on Sidney Wolff and on a fluke we decided to try and get some information directly from the source to do a bio on her for school. Sure enough this wonderful woman found the time to email us back with the information that my daughter was looking for. I was elated. She was the first woman to hold the top position in a US observatory as director. This is an important first and the fact that she was willing to help out a 3rd grader in her school project speaks volumes about her character. Just thought you may want to add her to your list.

Jen R.

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